The Day of the Doctor: a Case of Canon vs. Canon (Part 5/5)


I’ve spent five essays on the important issue of how the 50th anniversary episode doesn’t gel with the objective logic or moral conclusion of previous years of canon material. Such as,

  1. DotD contradicts established fact that the Doctor actually witnessed Gallifrey falling (read here)
  2. DotD contradicts the Doctor’s morality on Daleks and his abhorrence of killing en masse other life forms without proper consideration of the life he’s taken. (read here)
  3. DotD contradicts the Doctor’s moral stand on saving Gallifrey: how saving just Gallifrey does nothing to eliminate the Daleks or other evil forces in the Time War, since in End of Time, bringing just Gallifrey back brought back a host of other bad creatures. DotD does not address this. (read here)
  4. DotD contradicts the established fact that the Time Lords had become corrupt and were in fact worse than all villains in creation, and that their…

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