The Day of the Doctor: a Case of Canon vs. Canon (Part 1/5)


The 50th anniversary episode of Doctor Who really put my head in a spin. I love Doctor Who, ever since getting really involved almost two months ago. I was very excited over the pretty epic plot line that the Doctor hadn’t in fact destroyed his whole planet and people, but then came sadness, actual tears, over what I thought was the loss of the integrity of the emotion that had defined the Doctor for seven series. The Doctor’s memory loss of not using the Moment is hardly a comforting backbone on which to build such tremendous sincerity of emotions that previously characterized the Doctor and his actions in the Time War. I hated to see the canon of almost a decade undermined in one night. It took me a while to get used to the conclusion of the 50th, and I’m still working on it now, but doing an exercise like…

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